Redefining how we develop talent

Focus on strengths, not on weaknesses

I had the opportunity to attend Gallup Accelerated Strengths training this summer – something I’ve […]

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Stop being the runner-up candidate

Close the deal!
Often when I receive a phone call from an executive it’s because they have been “on the bench” […]

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So you want to address the gender thing

It starts at the top!
This is a tough subject for me to wrap my head around because, while I understand […]

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I Want to Move!

Tips for conducting a job search in another market
I get to talk with talented professionals every week who are interested […]

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Ask the Expert!

New feature added to
You have an important interview coming up and need help preparing questions to ask the hiring […]

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Character, Competency, Chemistry

Interviewing for the sustainable hire
I’ve had a number of conversations this month with hiring managers who feel like their interviewing […]

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Time for a change?

How to slide into your next career adventure
One of the recurring questions I get when I am talking to working […]

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Desperation Hiring

At least 7 reasons why this is a bad idea
I have the honor of working with dozens of Colorado’s most […]

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New Year – New Job?

5 things to take care of before you hit the “GO” button
Happy New Year!  So, one of your resolutions (or […]

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6 ways Millennials are changing your workplace

For the better!
This month I’m going to take sides in the generational debate.  I am really tired of hearing how […]

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