Back to School – Back to Work!

Make the most of your fall hiring season

Think about it – you have 90 days to get your 2014 hiring done before we enter the holiday season.  Average time to hire is 60 days – the bottom line – you don’t have a lot of time!  Let’s talk about how to make the most of it.

1) Refresh your role descriptions At Goldstone Partners we use a fully integrated recruiting strategy.  That means we work hard to draw candidates to us as well as reach out to candidates directly.  When we launch a search, we define the roapmap first and then target sources that will bear the most fruit.  We don’t use large job boards – rather, we look for places where our target candidates are hanging out and then promote our search there.  We also write our ad copy with the candidate in mind.  Do we need a conservative, methodical person?  If so, then we write the ad copy in a conservative, methodical voice.  Every description will have a different personality – this attracts the target we’re after.  Cuts your hiring cycle by a week at least.

2) Pick your storefront carefullyWho is representing you in the candidate market?  Are you selecting your recruiters with as much care as you select your sales executives?  Keep in mind that the first touch point your candidates have with your company is a lasting impression.  Make sure these folks are delivering the right message – in the right manner.  Doesn’t really cut time off of your hiring cycle, but makes a huge difference in candidate quality.

3) Check your reputation Your employment brand can change overnight with a recommendation or negative comment on the web.  I would suggest monitoring your reputation monthly – Google, Twitter, glassdoor at the very least.  Your candidates will do it – and you need to be prepared to address anything out there that is written about you or your company.  Also, comment directly when appropriate on negative recommendations.  I had a candidate this week tell me that if a company doesn’t take their reputation seriously, then she isn’t interested in talking to them – food for thought.  This doesn’t really cut time off your cycle, but it definitely impacts the candidate pool you have to choose from.

4) SMS is your BFF – If you want a response from your kids, you text them.  If you want a quick response from a candidate, text them.  Most of us can text – even while in a meeting – but only check personal email occasionally.  I’m still getting used to it – but it works! This will cut your cycle by 2-3 days.

5) Trim the fat out of your interview – Figure out how to get all of your interviewing done in a single session.  Candidates who are conducting a confidential search simply don’t want to – or can’t – take multiple days off without raising eyebrows with their boss.  Please be respectful of their time – and they will be respectful of yours.  This will cut a week out of your cycle.

6) Lead with your best offer – Set yourself up for hiring success by leading with a solid offer.  Let the candidate know that you value them by offering just a little more than they’ve asked for (within reason) and that rather than spend time negotiating you just wanted to deliver your best and final out of the gate.  This will trim days off of your hiring cycle.

Just these few tweaks can cut 3 or more weeks off of your hiring cycle.  Honestly, when you only have 90 days to hire and multiple positions to fill, you need every spare moment.  By driving efficiencies internally, you will have more time to see a larger pool of candidates which should help you make better hires!  Until next month…..

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About the Author:

Kimberly Lucas is the Founder and Chief People Connector at Goldstone Partners, Inc., a Colorado-based search and talent advisory firm specializing in recruitment strategy and engaged search for privately-held companies. As a seasoned entrepreneur and career coach, Kimberly is committed to helping founders build strong, profitable companies that stand the test of time. As a Certified StrengthsFinder coach she works with individuals and teams to help them achieve their stated objectives. Kimberly is an active mentor for MBA students at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business, serves on the board of the Rockies Venture Club, is a founding member of RVC Women and facilitates a Thinking Partner Mastermind group.