• Binoculars used for a job search

The passive job search

Make your job search easier while you’re working Once again the labor department released record low unemployment numbers for Colorado – still sitting at 2.4%.  What that means is that most job seekers are looking for a new position while already working 40+ hours a week.  The task seems rather daunting!  Some of you might

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  • Hiring and interviewing candidates

Hiring at 2.5% Unemployment

Increasing your odds for success in a tight candidate market I’m certain that if you are a small and growing company in Colorado you have experienced a wild and crazy ride with hiring candidates.  Just to ground us in reality, the U.S. Department of Labor considers 5% unemployment to be full employment for their purposes. 

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Your reputation precedes you

Ignoring a bad reputation won’t make it go away I was working with a client a few weeks ago who was struggling to find, attract and hire the people she needed to help her company grow to the next level.  She had historically hired junior level talent and paid them reasonably for their skills, but

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You’re Fired!

How to move past this and move forward with your career We’d like to think that bad things only happen to bad people but that’s simply not the case.  Getting fired is likely not going to make for a stellar day, but it happens.  Companies change direction, new managers are hired, skill set requirements change,

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Diversity in your workplace

Be deliberate about increasing diversity Unless you’ve been in a cave lately you have noticed the media making noise about diversity in the workplace. Some high profile companies have landed in hot water over a reported lack of diversity and even harassment. I truly don’t believe that most startup companies intend to lack diversity –

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Found your dream job?

Tips for becoming indispensable Well, you’ve done it!  You have FINALLY landed in your dream job.  You know the one – you can’t wait to get to work in the morning and Sunday evening means you begin to look FORWARD to Monday morning.  Congratulations!  Now, the search is over, but the work is just beginning.

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