• Candidates are Pawns in the Games Recruiters Play

The games recruiters play

Manipulative tactics that some recruiters will use on you I really don’t like writing about negative subjects and I’ve put this off as long as I could.  Many of you are thinking about switching positions this year and many of you have never worked with a recruiter before.  These super friendly people who seem to

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  • Happy and Engaged Startup Team

How will you Serve your Team this year?

Thoughts on keeping your people engaged in this market Happy New Year!  We’ve roared into 2018 with a lot of momentum – that’s great news!  I am hearing that the tight labor market is absolutely having an impact on companies of all sizes and in all sectors.  Some of you may not have felt the

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  • Denver is the Best Place to Work and Live

Top 8 Reasons WE LOVE DENVER!

Ready to make your mark in the Mile High city? Here are a few reasons we think you’ll find that the West is Best! Vibrant downtown. With the 10th largest downtown in America, the city of Denver boasts an assortment of top-notch art and history museums, an aquarium, a water and amusement park, river rafting and

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  • Entrepreneur with an Idea Aolding a Light Bulb

Entrepreneurship vs Leadership

Develop both for business success For almost 10 years now I’ve had the honor of helping Entrepreneurs launch, build, grow and scale their companies. We have clients in our portfolio that have been with us since the beginning. Their journeys are fascinating to be a part of. I am amazed daily by the ingenuity, energy,

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  • Job Search similar to using a Tower Viewer

The passive job seeker’s guide

Making it easier to look while you’re working Once again the labor department released record low unemployment numbers for Colorado – still sitting at 2.4%.  What that means is that most job seekers are looking for a new position while already working 40+ hours a week.  The task seems rather daunting!  Some of you might

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  • Candidates Interviewing in Colorado's Hot Job Market

Hiring at 2.5% Unemployment

Increasing your odds for success in a tight candidate market I’m certain that if you are a small and growing company in Colorado you have experienced a wild and crazy ride with the candidates you’re trying to hire.  Just to ground us in reality, the U.S. Department of Labor considers 5% unemployment to be full

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Your reputation precedes you

Ignoring it won’t make it go away I was working with a client a few weeks ago who was struggling to find, attract and hire the people she needed to help her company grow to the next level.  She had historically hired junior level talent and paid them reasonably for their skills, but was surprised

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